Chronopassion adopts the Hobo Coin!

Chronopassion adopts
the Hobo Coin!

“It’s so cool to have a watch that is rock and roll in nature, a 100% customised limited series on my arm, which is in line with the spirit of Corum and its heritage, and at an affordable price!”.

Laurent Picciotto, founding president of Chronopassion, struggled to find words strong enough to describe the Corum “Hobo Coin” collection which is gradually becoming part of their brand. The tireless watchmaking trendsetter, which actively participated in the project, has, from the outset, taken a large majority of the Hobo Coin collection, which, in the coming months, will only be available at Chronopassion.

For the occasion and for the first time in history, the whole Chronopassion storefront will display a Hobo Coin on its denim strap. Quirky, radical, unique and distinctly rock and roll, in line with Chronopassion and Corum's brand image!