The Mini Bubble

The Bubble watch arrives
in a mini version

The Bubble flaunts its curves once again: In stark contrast to the XXL versions designed for thrill seekers, it's now time to meet the “Mini” version, measuring
only 17 mm. It’s the first compact Bubble watch bearing the Corum signature!

Absolutely stunning, curvy and proud of it: Corum’s Bubble continues to bare its curves.
Originally only available in 3 sizes: 42, 47 and 52 mm, the collection now includes the all-new
17 mm diameter.

Especially created for women, the piece adopts the design of its famous predecessors: a round
stainless steel case, a domed sapphire crystal, and a bubble-shaped crown with rubber grip.
Today, the 17 mm version features a bezel set whose stones match with their bracelets: topaz
on a turquoise bracelet, ruby on a red bracelet and diamonds on a brown bracelet. These three
versions of the 17 mm Bubble watch will only be produced as a series of 18 pieces for each

“In the past, we had already offered some rare Mini Bubble collections in 26 mm”, explains
Jérôme Biard, CEO of Corum. “These are now our collectors' most sought-after pieces. With
these new versions, we wanted to preserve this unique dimension, with an exclusive limited
edition that perpetuates the Mini Bubble collector spirit, while renewing the creative exercise
by daring to go down to only 17 mm”.

The result is just like any other Corum creation: coyly discreet, genuinely creative. The domed
sapphire crystal wonderfully fulfils its role here. Contrary to numerous creations for women
whose small diameter significantly degrades their readability, the Mini Bubble remains perfectly
readable thanks to its bubble-shaped sapphire crystal which acts as a magnifying glass. Corum
enhanced the readability here by preserving the large hour and minute hands that perfectly
stand out against the coloured dials. The three limited series are brought to life by a quartz

Exquisite? Understated? Daring? The new Mini Bubble watches are probably a bit of all that
at once. They can be what you want them to be: a fashion accessory, a jewel, a wristwatch or
a bracelet watch. Fiercely independent from watchmaking trends, the Mini Bubble follows its
own creative journey on the wrist of those who create their own rules.